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    ZW8-12 outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker
    ZW8-12 series outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, with rated voltage 12kV and AC three-phase frequency of 50HZ, is mainly applied to close and break load current, overload current and short-circuit current in country power net, city power net and small- type power system. The breaker adopts the structure of three phases in one box. Three -phase arc-extinguishing chamber is inside the metal box. SMC material, which has the advantages of high insulating strength and reliable performance, is used to insulate phase-to- phase and phase-to-earth.

    1Rated voltagekV 24
    2Max working voltagekV 24
    3Rated currentA630,1000,12501250,1600,2000,25001250,1600,2000,3150
    4Rated short-circuit opening currentkA20/2531.540
    5Rated short-circuit closing currentkA50/6380100
    6Rated peak withstand currentkA50/6380100
    74s rated short-time withstand currentkA2031.540
    LevelPower frequency withstand voltage
    (before and after rated breaking)kV42(fracture 48)
    Impulse withstand voltage
    (before and after rated breaking)kV75(fracture 85)
    9Rated operating sequence O-0.3 s-C&O-180s-C&O
    10Mechanical life endurancetime10000
    11Rated short-circuit opening current frequencytime50
    12Rated closing voltage of operating mechanism(DC)V110,220
    13Rated closing voltage of operating mechanism(DC)V110,220
    14Open contact clearancemm11±1
    15Super stroke(compressed length of contact springs)mm3.5 ± 0.5
    16Time differential among phases for opening and closingms≤2
    17Bounce time of closing contactsms≤2
    18Average opening speedms0.9~1.2
    19Average closing speedms0.5~0.8
    20Opening timeUnder maximum operating voltagems15~50
    Under minimum operating voltagems30~60
    21Closing timems≤100
    22Main loop resistance of each phaseμΩ≤50 (630A)≤45(1250A)≤35(1600-2000A)≤25(2500A以上)
    23Allowed accumulative wearing thickness of static&Moving contactmm3

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    Each product produced by us will be 100% checked before delivery.If Any defective goods occurred,which will be returned free and be changed for new one.China Circuit Breaker factory

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