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    After 10 years of development, Isaac Machinery company has gone from simple mechanical processing to mold making, from single OEM/ODM processing to complete the whole mechanical production. In addition, independently completed the production of baking mould machinery in 2016, which promoted the whole team to reach a new stage of operation. From basic mold production, sheet metal cold punching mould, plastic injection mould, die-casting mould, etc., innovation of technology makes us break through ourselves unceasingly. Isaac machinery prefer to customizing and developing of product from client requirement.
    Isaac Machinery have new product series:
    Oven injection molding parts;
    Microwave oven injection molding parts;
    Wash machine injection molding parts;
    Television injection molding parts;
    Logistic Storage Accessories;
    Mold Equipment;
    Medical Equipment Parts;
    Automatic Plating Equipment Accessories.
    1, Accurate to design: Isaac Machinery have professional design team, which we designed every line, every function, every style, without exception into our hard work and wisdom.
    2, High standard of customer service: After ten years of industry development, Isaac Machinery has good reputation and reliable partner, which our customer’s encouragement and support are the best indication. Wherever you are, we always surpass ourselves to help our clients
    3, Prompt service and timely feedback: When received customer demand, Isaac Machinery will response to them immediately. According to ideas and needs of different customers, we can quickly feedback information and recommend solutions.Customized Plastic Parts For Oven Door Lock

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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