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    SiSiC (Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide) desulfurization nozzles are widely used as key components of gas desulfurization and dust-retraction device in thermal power plants and large boilers.
    Physical and chemical indexes
    Application Temperature≦1380℃
    Open Porosity<0.1%
    Bending Strength250 (20℃) Mpa
    280 (1200℃) Mpa
    Modulus of elasticity330 (20℃) Gpa
    300 (1200℃) Gpa
    Thermal Conductivity45 (1200℃) W/m.k
    Coefficient of thermal expansion45 K-1×10-6
    Meh’s Scale of Hardness13
    Acid Alkaline-ProofExcellent
    3″ Thickened
    2″ (Outlet angel 900)
    2.5″ (Outlet angel 900) Thickened
    2.5″ (Outlet angel 900)
    2.5″ (Outlet angel 1200)
    SiSiC Spiral Nozzles
    With the advantages of high corrosion resistance, high wear-resistance, high strength and anti-oxidation, excellent surface accuracy, light weight, and long service time, SiSiC Spiral Nozzles can be widely used in gas desulfurization and dust-retraction device. In addition to these advantages, SiSiC Spiral Nozzles are also easy to make various shapes, and not easy to plug as their good smoothness and superior temperature resistance (1400℃below).
    SiSiC (Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide) ceramics have good advantages of high temperature resistance and loading carrying Capacity, anti-oxidation, high strength and keeping shape after long term use.
    Our Competitive advantages
    1. 30 years of precision machined experience.
    2. Strict quality control and timely delivery guaranteed.
    3. Experienced R&D Department; OEM or ODM according to buyer’s requirement.
    4. long time cooperation experience with big customers.
    5. Reasonable price.
    6. Trial or small order acceptable.
    Payment & Delivery
    Company Honor
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